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New Features in Previous Versions

Version 2.8 - December 1995

* A secondary satellite position and footprint can now be displayed on each of the maps.
* Mutual visibility prediction tables can now be printed.
* A progress indicator is now displayed during long printouts, with an option to cancel if you get tired of waiting.
* F1 now displays a more relevant starting point for help information for each window.
* Station automation via AutoRun feature to run DOS or Windows programs at specified times relative to AOS for a specific satellite.
* Doppler shift and path loss can now be displayed for uplink, downlink, or transponder delta frequency.

Two bug fixes should be mentioned:
* The epoch was incorrectly updated when the UTC offset was non-zero. This has now been fixed (Satellite window).
* Permanent color changes for the maps have been restored. This feature got lost about v 2.6.

Version 2.7 - November 1995

* Full state vector information (including velocity components) can now be displayed. Both EFG and ECI coordinate systems are supported. Import of state vector files is also possible.
* Alternate satellite information databases such as "The Satellite Encyclopedia" may now be accessed directly.
* The "Phase" information group in the Info Window is now the "Orbit" group, and includes the Squint Angle. This option requires the files *.ATT to provide the proper information on spacecraft attitude. A sample file is included.
* Crude calculation of spacecraft antenna and observer antenna pattern loss added to RF Info group in the Info Window. See Advanced Setup for details. Groundplane, turnstile, omnidirectional, and steerable antennas are supported.
* Added a new window arrangement option: "Stack", in the Window Menu.
* The lines of latitude and longitude can now be turned off for creating cleaner maps for export.
* Improved timekeeping for real time mode on slow computers. The program will now skip one or more intervals if it gets behind.
* Orbit number (Rev) and Mean Anomaly (MA) now updated properly with SGP/SGP4 models.
* Updates of other Keplerian Elements with SGP/SGP4 models is improved.
* Fixed crash when Sun or Moon selected while using non-USA date formats.
* Fixed bug that prevented proper element update after propagation to specified epoch.

Other New Items:
* A companion program for antenna control (using the Prairie Digital board) and radio doppler compensation (using serial or parallel ports or the Prairie Digital board) is available from the author. "Some Assembly Required" !

Version 2.6 - July 1995

* Glossary has finally been included.
* Immediate display of all visible satellites, regardless of whether they are being tracked in a Map Window.
* Sun and Moon may be tracked for antenna or receiver calibration. The algorithm is built-in, no keps are required.
* Immediate display of all stations in the QTH database visible from a particular satellite for mutual visibility determination.
* Latitude and longitude display and specification made more flexible.
Lat/long displays can be in decimal degrees or degrees, minutes, seconds; and with choice of +/-, or E/W notation.
Choice of direction for positive longitude (E or W)
Shift-click on a map adds a point to the QTH database.
Ctrl-click on a map changes the observer location.
Lat/long and grid square of the point under the mouse cursor can be displayed
* AOS for next pass now displayed on maps and in Info Window.
* Calculation of EQX, AOS, and Apogee/Perigee for Ephemeris tables improved (more accurate, some speed up).
* Ephemeris output to an existing file is added at the end ("append") instead of overwriting the previous information.
* Two-line element sets can be saved from the edited orbital elements.
* User-provided maps may now be used for the background, giving added display flexibility.
* Fixed bugs in Help:System Info and Colors dialog.

Version 2.5 - May 1995

This version is mostly bug fixes based on user reports, notably:
* "Next Pass" now determined based on present UTC, not local (CPU) clock time.
* Fixed the "resume without error" bug in Print Ephemeris when not printing to a file.
* If map (land/ocean) colors are changed, it is no longer necessary to "clear display" in each map after restarting the program.
* Observer QTH now displays properly in the Main window.
* Help file displayed automatically if .INI file is not current.

K8CG, 6 May 1995

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