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Alternate Satellite Information File

You can link to an alternate satellite information file for instant access to information on the current map window, if the information in WinOrbit.hlp is not adequate for your purposes. A good file to start with is the "The Satellite Encyclopedia" by Jean-Philippe Donnio ( This is available on the World-Wide-Web at, or, and probably other places.

To take advantage of this feature, you must first install or copy the alternate file to your system. It need not be in the WinOrbit directory. It must be in Windows Help format. Once it is installed, choose Help:Setup... on the main window, and select the proper filename and format. The default format works for the Satellite Encyclopedia.

Once setup is complete, you can access the article on the satellite in the current map window by pressing ctrl-F1 at any time. If the satellite cannot be found (using the selected lookup format), a table of contents will be presented, and you can look it up manually.

The "format" refers to the way the satellites are referenced in the help file's "index". For example, the satellites can be most reliably found in "The Satellite Encyclopedia" using the NORAD number in the form "CATNR nnnnn" where "nnnnn" is the 5-digit catalog number.

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