Radio Path Model

The utility of a communications satellite depends on being able to get a strong radio signal from it to a ground station. The strength of the signal depends on several factors which are fixed for a given satellite: transmitter power, antenna gain, and frequency. Additionally, it depends on the distance from the satellite to the station, and on the antenna patterns and accuracy of aiming.
To read about how WinOrbit computes each of these factors, choose:
Path Loss
Satellite Antenna
Observer Antenna

The total signal budget may be calculated from the known transmitter power and antenna gain, together with the path and pattern losses. For example :
+30 dBm transmit power (1 watt)
+10 dB antenna gain
- 7 dB pattern loss
-140 dB path loss
+ 10 dB receive antenna gain
-97 dBm received signal

The Path Loss and Pattern Loss are displayed in the RF Info Group in the Info Window.