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Info Window

At any given time, one satellite is selected for detailed consideration - for example the satellite you are currently listening to, or operating through. The Info window displays a user-configurable summary of current tracking information for this satellite. The choice of satellite is made from among the satellites which are currently displayed on the maps, by pressing F12 in a map window, or by selecting from the list in the Main Window. The window background turns red if the selected satellite is above the horizon at the observer location.
The information in the Info Window is organized into five groups. Each group can be turned on or off depending on preference, or screen space available. The groups are
Satellite Position
Antenna Pointing
Orbit Info
RF Link

The Info window can be kept on the screen while the rest of the program is minimized (for example, to use a data terminal or telemetry decoding program while monitoring the satellite position).
The Info window controls the information that is made available to DDE client programs (such as a transceiver or antenna control program). By this mechanism, you can use custom hardware without having to re-invent the calculation part of the tracking software.

Info Window Controls
Info (includes discussion of the various groups.
Miscellaneous Functions

Display and Window Overview

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