DDE Server

DDE Server: A DDE client can establish links to any of the following TEXT-format items (listed below). These can be manual, automatic or notify links. All topics are updated each time the maps are updated, whether they are visible or not. All information refers to the currently-selected satellite (the one chosen in the Main window, for which detailed tracking information appears in the Info window).
Application Name: WinOrbit
Topic Name: TrackingInfo
Item Name: SatelliteName - Text indicating the currently-selected satellite.
Item Name: AzimuthDegrees - Provides the antenna azimuth to the nearest degree (0-359) for the currently-selected satellite.
Item Name: ElevationDegrees - Provides the antenna elevation to the nearest degree (-90 - 90)
Item Name: FreqMHz - Operating frequency in megahertz.
Item Name: DopplerHertz - Doppler shift (+/-) in hertz.
It is up to the client program to decide what to do with the data. For example, antenna elevations below the horizon are probably undesirable, but the horizon may vary at different observer sites and with different systems. Similarly, the mechanism and resolution of Doppler correction may vary. By using the DDE mechanism, WinOrbit can concentrate on the calculation and display, and the client program can concentrate on tracking.
At this time there is no System topic since there doesn't seem to be a standard format for it. Refer to Microsoft documentation for DDE implementation.