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Main Window

The Main Window appears (normally) at the top of the screen. It controls features common to all the other windows, such as the observer location, date and time, window layout, and display options. There are menus for setup/customizing, control of tracking, window arrangement, creation of new tracking windows, and help.

Normally there are 4 information groups in the Main Window:
* The Tracking selector - If more than one map is displayed, this determines which map will control the Info Window for continuous on-screen information (and hardware control via the DDE interface.
* The UTC Date and Time of the current map displays. Note that the date and time may be different from the clock-on-the-wall time, depending on the calculation mode. This permits calculating satellite positions for any time, past, present or future.
* The time interval (Res (sec)) between updates of the satellite positions.
* The location of the observer for whom azimuth and elevation information are being calculated.

The Main Window also has the following functions:
Minimizing this window will hide all windows except for those with the Don't Hide option checked.
Ephemeris printouts are initiated from the File Menu.
Exit the program by closing this window (or from the File Menu).

Main Window Menus and Controls

Miscellaneous Functions

Display and Window Overview

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