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Setup Menu (Main Window)

Observer/QTH... (alt-S, Q) - Brings up the Observer dialog box, to allow selection of the observer location ("QTH" in an old Morse code abbreviation) from a database, or by typing in coordinates.
Time Zone... (alt-S, T) - Brings up the UTC Correction dialog box, which allows specification of the difference between computer clock and UTC. All calculations are performed in UTC.
Colors... (alt-S, C) - Brings up the Customize Map Colors box, which permits changing the colors of certain symbols on the maps.
Distances in Miles (alt-S, D) - Toggles conversion from kilometers (default) to miles. Conversion is in effect when the check mark is present. Affects range and altitude calculations for satellite, only.
Lat/Long Formats (alt-S, L) - Brings up a submenu for selection of latitude and longitude formats. Each item in the submenu is either "on" (check mark shown) or "off" (no check mark).
Show FootPrints (alt-S, F) - Toggles the display of satellite footprints on the tracking maps. Display is "on" when the check mark is visible.
Show Ground Tracks (alt-S, G) - Toggles the display of a ground track on the tracking maps. This ground track is simply a series of dots representing previous subsatellite points. Display is "on" when the check mark is visible.
Save Settings Now (alt-S, N) - Save all configuration information immediately. This includes window size and position, satellite orbital elements, filenames, and options.
Save Settings on Exit (alt-S, S) - Will automatically save all settings when the program exits normally. This option is toggled on and off (on when check mark is present).

Display and Window Overview

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