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Miscellaneous Dialog Boxes

The following dialog boxes appear in response to the indicated menu selections:
UTC Correction (Main Window, Setup:Time Zone...). Enter a time in hh:mm format representing the difference between your computer's clock and UTC or GMT. This allows the program to operate in real time using UTC, regardless of your time zone or preference. For users in the western hemisphere, local time (computer clock) generally lags UTC by several hours.
Customize Map Colors (Main Window, Setup:Colors...) By clicking on one of the colored squares (to bring up yet another dialog box), you can get a choice of colors for various map features. This can be used to make the maps easier to see or print. Note: the ocean and land colors in the maps are more difficult to change than the grid, ground track, and observer colors. Modifying ocean or land colors will cause the program to take longer to load. Some extra disk space (up to a few hundred kbytes) will also be used during the loading phase.
Note: Because of the way SVGA graphics boards generate colors, certain colors may not display the same way in different windows. Only the so-called "system colors" (typically about 16 solid colors) are entirely consistent in their appearance. So some tinkering may be necessary to get a pleasing result.

Display and Window Overview

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