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Displays and Windows

There are three types of windows:

Control windows

The Main Window (at the top of the screen) and the Info Window (at the left edge) are normally present at all times, and there is only one of each, regardless of the number of satellites being tracked. Actions taken in the Main Window affect all of the tracking windows, while the Info Window is specific to a single satellite. Information to be used for hardware control comes from the info window.

Map windows

One Map Window appears for each satellite being tracked. The tracking displays are synchronized (by the main window), although certain options may be independently selected for each map.

Special windows

These windows appear only when there is a need for the user to provide information, or for the program to display it. The most important are:
Report Window: view, edit, save and print numerical results.
Globe Window ("View from Space"): more than a map.
Observer Information Window: select, display and edit observer data and other points to be plotted on the maps.
Satellite Information Window: select, display, edit, print, and manipulate satellite data.
Print Dialog Window: specify format of ephemeris printouts.

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