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Satellite Dialog Box

Satellite selection, and orbital element specification, is controlled by this dialog, which is brought upfrom the Map Window Satellite... menu item (or Main Window File:New and Open menu items).
This window permits one to read data files (including ASCII-text bulletins with some extraneous text) in AMSAT or NASA 2-line formats. The elements can be examined, printed, edited or edited by hand. Some functions are also available for automatically generating modified element sets.

More help is available for:

File Menu
Edit Menu
Options Menu
Special Menu (Only enabled in Edit mode.)
Help Menu
Data Fields

Buttons on the window are described here:
Sat Info (alt-I). Brings up the text page (if any) associated with the currently displayedelements (using WinHelp). If none is found, displays "Topic not found" message.
Edit (alt-E). Displays the full element set for editing and enables the Specialmenu.
OK (alt-K; or cr) Accept the new parameter set, return to tracking.
Cancel (alt-l; or esc) Ignore any changes made to the parameter set, return to tracking.

In Edit mode, additional buttons appear (and the Special menu is enabled):
Back (alt-B). Returns to the reduced display (selection only) and displays the Descriptionagain.
Use Ref (alt-U). Selects the Reference elements for use.
Use Adj (alt-A). Selects the Adjusted elements for use (after a selection from the Special menu).

Display and Window Overview

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