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File Menu (Satellite Dialog)

New (alt-F,N) Deletes all satellites from the data base except those for which Map Windows exist. Clears the file name for loading the data base.
Open (alt-F,2 or alt-F, K; or alt-F,V) Open a satellite keplerian element data file ( AMSAT or NASA 2-line format) to add to the current data base. The last-opened file will be read at the next startup, if Setup:Save Settings is chosen in the Main Window .
A vector format data file can also be opened here (Open Vecs...).
Save Keps... (alt-F,S) create a new file containing all the satellites in the data base, in NASA 2-line format. This is useful for merging two or more files, since only one file can be automatically loaded at startup.
Print Keps (alt-F,P) a table with the current elements (on the default printer).

Display and Window Overview

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