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Files - AMSAT Format

A human-readable format for Keplerian Elements. Each element has a text label for ease in interpreting the value. Comments are often included as well. WinOrbit can read this type of file for the Satellite Database.

AMSAT Format files have names ending in .KEP . They are text files in standard bulletin format. Can often be created by simply saving a packet or HF RTTY/AMTOR bulletin directly to disk - most of the extra lines will be ignored by the program. The file may contain multiple satellite data sets. If you create this file by hand from a voice or cw bulletin, or from a magazine, be sure to copy the EXACT format and spelling of the satellite element names.

Some sample files may be included in the distribution package such as:
SUN.KEP - pseudo-keplerian elements for the Sun
SHUTTLE.KEP - elements for a recent space shuttle flight.
ORBS-nnn.KEP - recent packet radio bulletin file with Amateur Radio satellites.
PHASE3.KEP - Phase III data set used with the original article by Tom Clark in Orbits magazine, for testing the Basic algorithm.

See also NASA Format
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