Phase III

Phase III is the AMSAT jargon for satellites intended for high altitude, elliptical orbits (Molniya type). This includes the ill-fated Phase IIIA, AO-10 (P3B), AO-13 (P3C), and the planned (for 1995 or 1996) P3D, for which funds are currently being raised by AMSAT (via individual contributions). Phase II birds are in the low-earth-orbit class ( AO-6, AO-7, AO-8). Phase 4 may be a geosynchronous satellite.

The default satellite in WinOrbit is the original Phase III in its transfer orbit, with elements as published in Tom Clark's original article. To see a real satellite, you'll have to Open a 2-line or kep data file, and choose a satellite from the list.

Detailed information is also available about many real satellites