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Launch Date: 5 March 1978.
Orbit type: Circular LEO, inclination 98.9 degrees, altitude 910 km.
Weight: 25.8 kg.
Stabilization: Passive magnetic
Transponders: Mode A 1-2W, Mode J 1-2 W.
Beacons: 29.402 MHz 110mW, 435.095 MHz 100 mW, both Morse CW.
Telemetry: 6 channels, CW.
Antennas: 29 MHz half-wave dipole; 146 MHz canted turnstile (switchable ? CP); 435 MHz quarter wave monopole.
Power: 15 W solar array, NiCd battery.

Notes: Phase-IID. AO-D. Battery failure 24 June 1983.

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