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NASA/NORAD number: 14129
Launch Date: 16 June 1983, Kourou, French Guiana.
Orbit type: Elliptical, inclination 27 degrees, altitude 3997/35449 km
Weight: 90 kg with fuel.
Stabilization: Magnetorquer.
Transponders: Mode B 50W, Mode L 50W (nominal?)
Telemetry: 64 channels, ASCII/Baudot teletype.
Power: 50 W solar array, 2 NiCd batteries.

Notes: Phase IIIB (IIIA lost in Ariane crash). First amateur satellite with onboard propulsion (which did not function entirely correctly, due to collision with part of the launch vehicle after separation - hence the not-quite-Molniya-type orbit). Computer control failed December 1986 due to radiation damage to memory.

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