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NASA/NORAD number: 14781
Launch Date: 1 March 1984, Vandenberg AFB, Lompoc, CA.
Orbit type: Circular LEO, inclination 98 degrees, altitude 680 km.
Weight: 60 kg
Stabilization: Gravity-gradient, magnetorquer.
Payloads: Digitalker, Digital Communications Experiment (DCE), CCD camera, space dust and radiation experiments.
Beacons: 145.825, 435.025, 2401.5 MHz,1200 bps FM AFSK
Telemetry: 150 channels, 1200 baud ASCII teletype.
Power: 25 W solar array, 12 v, 6.4 Ah NiCd battery.

Notes: Built at University of Surrey (UK). Launched with LANDSAT-5. Took only 5 months to design, build and launch. Although the telemetry is nominally similar to terrestrial FM AFSK teletype, the mark/space tones are inverted from the normal convention, and from UO-9 or AO-13. Some modems cannot handle this in software at 1200 baud, e.g. the PK-232 RXREV command.

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