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Files - Vector Format Data

*.VEC, *.VIF Text files in standard bulletin format (with State Vector data). Can often be created by simply saving a packet or HF RTTY/AMTOR bulletin directly to disk - most of the extra lines will be ignored by the program. May contain multiple data sets.

A sample data file is provided with the program: STS-73.VEC, containing vectors distributed during the recent STS-73 mission. This file shows the ability of WinOrbit to deal with extraneous information. Note that this file can also be read as a .KEP file, to obtain the elements from the AMSAT format data included in it.

At present, formats 7 (inertial) and 117 (relative to earth) are fully supported, and 10117 (pre-launch) can be read, but the epoch will have to be filled in by hand.
In addition to the packet radio networks, similar data sets can be obtained from the amsat-bb mailing list, and various internet sites, possibly including :

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