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Files - *.ATT

A Windows "INI-style" file giving the current spacecraft attitudes for squint angle calculations. Must be manually edited (using Notepad, for example). The file name must match the spacecraft name EXACTLY (e.g. for "AO-10", use "AO-10.ATT", for "AO10", use "AO10.ATT"). The only exception is that a "/" in the spacecraft name (e.g. RS-12/13) will be replaced by an underscore (RS-12_13.ATT). Any spacecraft for which a file is not found will be assumed to have its antennas pointing straight down (Microsat fashion - one rotation per orbit.)
Since the attitude of controllable spacecraft changes periodically, there is a provision to set an expiration date. If the attitude data is older than this date, you get a warning each time WinOrbit runs, to remind you to get an update. The expiration date must be in the mumerical epoch format: YYDDD.FFF.
This file is also used to provide frequency and other configuration information for the various transponders and beacons. In the future, antenna configurations may be included, as well as solar cell locations and the nature of the satellite stabilization system.
Sample files are included with AO-13.ATT, AO-10.ATT. The former has the most recent published values for AO-13. Since AO-10 is no longer under ground control, the numbers in the latter are arbitrary.
Optional file.

Sample File Content
Alat = 0
Alon = 180
Expiration = 96001.0

BeaconFreq = 145.825

UplinkFreq = 145.825
DownlinkFreq = 29.45
TransponderInverting = true

All fields are optional. Headings (in "[]") must precede the corresponding fields if they exist, however.

File Overview

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