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Date and Time Display and Entry

WinOrbit permits display and entry of the Epoch for orbital element sets or calculation in two formats: astronomical (numeric) and calendar (date/time). An example of each of the formats is given below:
Date/Time format: 5/23/80 23:15
Numerical format: 80144.512000053
For the numerical or astronomical format, the date is given to the left of the decimal point as (year modulo 100)*100 + (day of year), and the time, as a fractional day, to the right. Thus, 96001.5000000 is noon on 1 January, 1996.
The exact form of the calendar or date/time format is controlled by the Windows International Control Panel. Refer to the Windows documentation for your system for available formats.
Date and time can generally be entered in either format. The current time for calculations is always displayed in the calendar format, regardless of how it was entered. In the Satellite window, you can select the display format. Both formats are used in some printouts.

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