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Files - *.SKD

A Windows "INI-style" file specifying the actions to take automatically at or near AOS or LOS for a satellite. To understand these files, read the article on the AutoRun option. The file name must match the spacecraft name EXACTLY (e.g. for "AO-10", use "AO-10.SKD", for "AO10", use "AO10.SKD"). The only exception is that a "/" in the spacecraft name (e.g. RS-12/13) will be replaced by an underscore (RS-12_13.SKD).
Sample files are included with MIR.SKD, DO-17.SKD. These may be used as templates for creating your own file. It is shown below, also. Delete the unwanted options and edit the others. The DO-17 file is set up to run the Dove Telemetry Decoder, a freeware program available elsewhere. MIR.SKD runs the Windows Terminal program to log the Mir PBBS. You'll have to edit it these to reflect the correct directories and COM ports for your system, and set up the programs for your TNC and other hardware.
Optional file.

Sample File Content
Directory = c:\hamradio\mir
RunString = terminal.exe c:\windows\pk232.trm
TaskName = Terminal - PK232.TRM
Priority = 15
Resources = COM2

Time = -10.0
KeyStrokes = %TR{filnam}.LOG{ENTER}
DOSKeys =

Time = +10.0
KeyStrokes = %To
DOSKeys =

ExitAfterLOS = false
KeyStrokes = %F4
DOSKeys =

File Overview

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