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Files - *.QTH

The Observer Database gets its information from *.QTH files containing latitude and longitude data. Two sample files are supplied with the program: LATLONG.QTH, containing most of the ARRL DXCC countries list and a few major cities; and LAUNCH.QTH, listing the major orbital launch sites. These may be edited or modified to suit the user. You may wish to create an additional file - SPECIAL.QTH - with additional locations of interest to the you, to be displayed on the maps. SPECIAL.QTH is also the list of locations used for Mutual Visibility printouts.

QTH File Format
Text file, one entry per line, with commas between fields. The fields are: callsign/ITU prefix, location, latitude, longitude. Additional information may also be included in the future (altitude, time zone, comments) but presently is ignored. A '*' at the beginning of a line will cause it to be ignored. Comments in LATLONG.QTH also describe the format.

File Overview

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