State Vectors

State Vectors are Cartesian coordinates describing the position and velocity, or state of a satellite. As with the keplerian elements, 6 basic coordinates are required to fully specify the position at a given epoch. The first 3 values are the position in a right-angled coordinate system (X, Y, Z, for inertial coordinates (ECI coordinates), or E, F, G for earth-based, or geodetic coordinates (EFG coordinates). The next three values (with "dot" denoting the time derivative) are the corresponding velocity components.
The NASA Earth Fixed Greenwich - EFG coordinate system rotates with the earth (hence it is not inertial or fixed in space, but undergoes motion). The velocities in this coordinate system are reduced by the rotational velocity of the earth.
State Vectors can be use in place of Keplerian Elements as a source of information for the Satellite Database in WinOrbit. See the discussion of *.VEC files.
State Vectors can be displayed from the Map Window Function Menu.