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Setting up the program

If you have gotten this far, I can assume you have obtained a copy of the program archive (WINORBxx.ZIP, where xx is the version number), and "unzipped" it. Follow the instructions below for a quick setup.

Set up files

1) Put all the files in a subdirectory of your choice.

Run the program

2) Start the program from Program Manager or File Manager. After a minute or so, the Main, Map and Info Windows will appear. The default satellite will be "Phase III" - the original preliminary orbit information for what later became Oscar 10, and the default Observer will be W3IWI in Maryland, USA.


3) In the Setup menu, choose Observer/QTH... and enter your latitude and longitude, or your grid square. A variety of formats are supported. You can also enter your callsign and other descriptive information as desired. Click OK when everything is right.
4) In the Setup menu, choose Time Zone and fill in the time difference.

Choose a satellite

5) Select the "Phase III" Map window in the Windows menu. Position the window as desired. In the "Phase III" window, select Satellite... to bring up the satellite-selection dialog.
6) Choose your favorite satellite from the list. Enter the communication frequency in MHz (for Doppler and one-way path loss calculations). Click OK to accept the choice.

Save your settings

7) In the Main Window, choose Setup:Save Settings Now to save all your settings. The program will start up in the same configuration next time. The information is stored in WINORBIT.INI.

You're done! Refer to the various help topics such as menus and commands for operation of additional features. In case of trouble, refer to the Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) , or the troubleshooting hints.

For advanced setup information, click here

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