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WinOrbit is a program for computing artificial Earth-satellite position and visibility, with the Amateur Radio Satellite operator in mind.

WinOrbit is free. If you enjoy the program and want to express your support, you could join AMSAT, or make a donation to the Amateur Satellite program, but that's up to you.

Please note: absolutely no guarantees of accuracy or precision are made! Commercial use is prohibited.

You can read more about:
Features of the program
Getting copies and updates
Performance, including:

To learn more about satellite orbital calculations, read some of the articles listed in the Bibliography. To learn more about the Amateur Satellite program, beginning with Oscar I, refer to some of the material on individual satellites.

The program (and this help file) are under construction, and your feedback is encouraged. Please send any comments, corrections, suggestions or questions to me.

GL es 73 !
de K8CG, Carl Gregory, December 1995

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