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Orbit Calculations (Fundamental)

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Orbit Calculations (Advanced)

"Spacetrack Report No. 3: Models for Propagation of NORAD Element Sets", Felix R. Hoots, Ronald L. Roehrich, December 1980. Compiled and distributed by TS Kelso, 31 December 1988. Available from
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Orbit Measurement

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Orbital Data Distribution

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Geographic Calculations

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Encyclopedia Brittanica - look up "maps", "earth".

Solar/Lunar Calculations and Predictions

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Amateur Satellite Program - General

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Ground-Station Equipment and Operations

See also the separate discussion of Beacons and Telemetry modes
"Computer Interface for Kenpro KR-5400A", QEX, May 1987, p. 7 and June 1987 p. 7.
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"Exploring the 9600-Baud PACSATs", Andrew Cornwall, VE1COR, QST, June 1995, p. 63

Periodicals- AMSAT

Amsat membership publications over the years have gone through several formats:
Amsat Newsletter: published sporadically until 1979
Orbit (magazine): replaced the Newsletter, publishing 19 issues from Mar/Apr1980 through Nov/Dec 1984.
Amsat Satellite Journal: replaced Orbit with 7 bimonthly issues from Jan/Feb 1985 through Jan/Feb 1986. Merged with QEX in October 1986. Discontinued in June 1989.
Amsat Satellite Report (ASR): replaced the Satellite Journal beginning with issue #126/127, June 24 1986, through #192, Dec 15, 1989. [This newsletter started in March 1981 as a weekly; in 1986 it also became the official Amsat periodical. In 1990, it was taken over as Oscar Satellite Report by R. Myers, W1XT, and is still being published.]
The Amsat Journal: became the official publication beginning with the May 1989 issue, vol 12 #1, continuing through the present.
ASR and Amsat Journal were started independently to serve special interests within AMSAT, but later absorbed the general membership newsletter function. All of these publications have had considerable technical content over the years.

Periodicals- Other

Several Amateur Radio publications carry material of interest to satellite enthusiasts. Some can be found in public libraries:
QEX - ARRL Experimenter's Newsletter (monthly). ARRL, 225 Main St. Newington, CT, USA. Annual index in February issue (through 1993), later in December issue. Incorporated Amsat Satellite Journal from October 1986 through June 1989.
QST - official journal of ARRL (monthly). Annual index in December issues.
ham radio - (monthly) ceased publication in 1990 after being absorbed by CQ
CQ - (monthly)

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