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Globe Window

"View from Space"
Sometimes it is interesting to see what the Earth looks like from the satellite. The Globe window provides this capability. This window is selected from the Map Window Functions:Show View From Satellite menu item. The map of the earth is redrawn in the form of a globe (sometimes called an "orthographic" map projection). Unfortunately, this is a slow process (unless you have a Pentium), so this view is not updated in real time. The view is drawn in three steps - a blank, "ocean-colored" globe; a crude map, and a higher resolution map. To stop drawing the current view, click "Stop". To generate a new view, click "Refresh". The view is scaled to the size of the window, and drawing will be faster for smaller windows. Only one Globe can be on the screen at a time.
This view may be useful in identifying land features seen in satellite photos. If you know the photo time, you can use the Main window in Step mode to compute the satellite position at that time. Then draw the corresponding Globe view.

Globe Window Controls

Display and Window Overview

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