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Calc Menu (Main Window)

This menu controls how the satellite positions are calculated. The positions are always calculated for specific time intervals (e.g. 10 seconds apart). This interval is the "resolution". The actual rate of the calculation depends on the mode and can be the same as the resolution (real time), at some other selected rate (e.g. 10 minute intervals calculated every 15 seconds) (pseudo-real time) or manually (e.g. 10 minute intervals, updated when the button is clicked) (step mode). This allows speeded-up and stop-action displays in addition to the real-time mode, for investigation of satellite behavior in the past or future, or other purposes.

The first group of options controls the Mode
Step (alt-C, S; or shift-F6) - Selects step mode. Two buttons - "fwrd" and "back" appear in the Main window to control the updating of position. Date and time may also be entered directly in the UTC Date and Time box, in which case the display updates when a "return" is typed.
Pseudo-real Time (alt-C, P; or ctrl-F6) - Selects pseudo-real-time mode. A scroll-bar appears in the Main window to control the update rate.
Real Time (alt-C, R; or F6) - Selects real-time tracking. The satellite positions are calculated at the current clock time. Updates are done every "interval" seconds.

The next group of options sets or resets the program's clock.
Now (alt-C, N; or F5) - Reset the display time to Now by reading the computer's clock. Useful when returning to real-time mode after step mode, for example.
Reference (alt-C, f; or F7) - Reset the display time to the reference epoch of the currently selected satellite. The tracking mode is set to Step at the same time.

Four other options generate displays of detailed information in the Report Window:
Show Position (Inertial or Geodetic) (alt-C, I; or alt-C,G) - Pops up the Report Window and displays the current position in the specified format.
Show Next Pass (alt-C, x; or F9) - Pops up the Report Window and displays the AOS/LOS/TCA for the next visible pass of each satellite, up to 48 hours from now.
Show Visible Sats (alt-C, V; or ctrl-F9) - Pops up the Report Window to display a list of satellites visible ("What's Up"). The list in the current Satellite database is searched.

Display and Window Overview

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