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Radio Sputnik 15

NASA/NORAD number: 23439
Launch Date: 26 December 1994 from Baykonur.
Orbit type: Circular, inclination 65 degrees, altitude 1885/2165 km.
Weight: 70 kg
Stabilization: none
Payloads: Transponder, two radio beacons, CW - broadcast bulletin board (2kb), remote control system and telemetry system.
Transponders: Mode A. Uplink 145.858-145.898, Downlink 29.354-29.394, 5 W.
Beacons: Beacon 1: 29.3525 MHz - 0.4/1.2 W; Beacon 2: 29.3987 MHz - 0.4/1.2 W.

Notes: Structure said to be same as RS-3 through RS-8. On board equipment was designed and realized by a group of radio amateurs from Kaluga (180 km SW from Moscow).

"RS-15 Satellite Launched", The Amsat Journal, v. 18, No. 1, January/February 1995, p.1.

Satellite List
RS-14 (AO-21)

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