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Radio Sputnik 12/13

NASA/NORAD number: 21089
Launch Date: 5 February 1991.
Orbit type: Circular LEO, inclination 83 degrees, altitude 963/1006 km
Transponders: Mode A, Mode K, Mode T, Mode KA, Mode KT. ROBOT on modes A, K, T. Generally RS-12, Mode K. Beacons bracket the downlink frequencies.
Beacons (RS-12): 29.408, 29.454, 145.912, 145.958 MHz
Beacons (RS-13): 29.458, 29.504, 145.862, 145.908 MHz
ROBOT uplink (RS-12): 21.129, 145.830 MHz, downlink on 29.454.
ROBOT uplink (RS-13): 21.138, 145.843 MHz

Notes: Two separate packages on same spacecraft (COSMOS 2123 navigation satellite).

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Satellite List
RS-14 (AO-21)

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