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Radio Sputnik 14
NASA/NORAD number: 21087
Launch Date: 7 January 1991, NorthernCosmodrome, Plesetsk, USSR.
Orbit type: Circular LEO, inclination 83 degrees, Altitude 1000 km
Stabilization: Gravity gradient.
Payloads: RM-1 linear transponder. RUDAK-2 digital system.
Transponders: Mode B analog, RUDAK-2. Rudak downlink is 145.983 MHz, 3W, 1200 bps BPSK (AX.25) like FO-20. RUDAK can also operate in a narrow-band FM voice mode. Transponder downlink center 145.892 MHz, Uplink 435.062 MHz, inverting, 10 W. See references for other frequencies.
Antennas: 435 MHz RHCP helix, 3dB gain. 145 MHz 1/2 wave dipole.

Notes: Piggyback on INFORMTR-1. Last heard in mid-October 1994, shortly after INFORMTR-1 was decomissioned. RUDAK-1 was launched on AO-13, but failed to operate properly.

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"Spotlight on RS-14/OSCAR-21", John A. Magliacane, KD2BD, The Amsat Journal, v. 16, no. 1, January/February 1993, p. 23.

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