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Callsign: UOSAT5
NASA/NORAD number: 21575
Launch Date: 17 July 1991, Kourou, FrenchGuiana.
Orbit type: Circular LEO, inclination 98 degrees, altitude 775 km/482 miles
Weight: 46 kg
Stabilization: Gravity gradient
Payloads: PACSAT Communications System (PCS), Earth Imaging System (EIS) - one CCD camera.
Transponders: Mode JD, 9600 bps FSK, 435.20 MHz, AX.25

Notes: Co-launched with SARA-1 amateur astronomy satellite. UOSAT-F. Replacement for UO-15, which failed after launch. Original primary function, VITA/Satelife packet project, exchanged with UoSAT-OSCAR-14. Now serves amateur packet communications.

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