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Other RS satellitesFuji-OSCAR-20

Callsign: 8J1JBS
NASA/NORAD number: 20480
Launch Date: 7 February 1990, Tanegashima Space Center, Japan
Orbit type: Elliptical LEO, inclination 99 degrees, altitude at apogee 1084 miles/1745 km, at perigee 567 miles/912 km.
Weight: 50 kg
Transponders: Mode JA, Mode JD. Mode JD beacon and downlink 435.910 MHz, 1 W, 1200 bps BPSK. Mode JA beacon 435.795 MHz, 100 mW CW/BPSK
Antennas: 145 MHz ring turnstile 0.5dBi, 435 MHz turnstile array 4dBi, both CP.

Notes: Standard packet mailbox - no special software required, unlike the microsats. Very similar to FO-12. Packet telemetry beacon 435.91 PSK, 1200 baud (AMSAT UK or TAPR modem)

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