100.000 visitors to SATCO DX chart

Press Release

100.000 Visitors to SATCO DX Chart

It just took one year for SATCO DX to count its 100.000 visitor. SATCO DX
started on December 16th, 1995. SATCO DX provides a global satellite
frequency chart at this address:


But this is not just a chart, it's more than that: for one, it's updated on
a daily basis, making it thus one of the most accurate, if not THE most
accurate worldwide, satellite chart. And what's more: it's free.

Secondly, SATCO DX chart does not just list frequencies and other technical
data of satellite channels around the globe, but it also includes a direct
link to the Internet Home Pages of the channels listed (if a channel got
one, of course). 

This feature makes SATCO DX chart a unique starting point as well for anyone
looking for more information on tv and radio channels transmitting via

And thirdly, a unique feature called SatTracker, which is incorporated into
SATCO DX chart, enables everyone with a modern browser to find out with the
click of his mouse on where to find a particular satellite (Azimuth and
Elevation angles). SatTracker is based on the actual orbital position of a
satellite, thus giving the actual, not the theoretical, look angles for it.

SATCO DX chart is being visited at a rate of 800 to 900 visitors daily. A
weekly news service is being sent out FREE to currently 1000 subscribers.
This news service lists what has been added to SATCO DX chart in a week.

A dedicated daily news service, now counting 200 addressees and available
only to specialist subscribers, gives a daily update of what has been added
daily to SATCO DX chart.

Anyone can cooperate with SATCO DX chart by sending in his own observations
of changes and new channels on satellite. SATCO DX chart is based on
first-hand information by satellite enthusiasts all over the globe.

Information of SATCO DX chart is exclusively published in print in
TELE-satellit magazine, a bimonthly, bilingual (English, German) satellite
magazine. For more information on TELE-satellit point your browser to:


       Alexander Wiese

Email: awiese@TELE-satellit.com
URL:   http://sat-net.com/aw/_link.shtml

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