1000 times Q&A from Dr. Dish

Press Release

A Millenium of Questions & Answers by Dr. Dish

One of the best known authorities in the satellite scene is Dr. Dish. Behind
this Alias hides Christian Mass, a German national living in The
Netherlands, who hosts his own satellite tv show "Dr. Dish @ tv" (to be seen
every second Friday in a month via various satellites worldwide), and who is
the man behind the Questions and Answers published under the "Dr. Dish"

Dr. Dish has now hit the "1000 questions" mark. That's the number of
questions related to receiving satellites, that he has answered via his
Internet information mailer. That mailer can be subscribed to FREE by anyone
with a valid email address by just sending a email to:


Leave subject line blank, in body line put:

subscribe SAT-drdish

Then, you are subscribed to his Q&A service. To place a question to Dr. Dish
you can either use a online form available at this address:


or you can email him directly at this address:


Dr. Dish has made a count these days: Since his start, he has received 1569
questions, 1000 of them he did answer via the Internet through his own
mailer, 224 of them he answered in his own tv show, 116 have been answered
in his regular Dr. Dish column in TELE-satellit magazine, and the rest of
229 questions didn't qualify and haven't been answered.

Dr. Dish Q&A mailer is another of the series of FREE Internet mailer
services sponsored by TELE-satellit magazine, SATCO DX, and TBS. All of
those mailers can be subscribed to by anyone with a valid Email address.
Take a look at TELE-satellit's Home Page for more details:


Note: Dr. Dish will only answer questions brought forward to him by
individuals. He will not answer questions issued by professional users of
satellite technology. Those are advised to obtain qualified consultancy
services by calling SATCO DX giving a detailed description of their
problems. SATCO DX can be contacted at telephone: +36-1-3010126

       Alexander Wiese

Email: awiese@TELE-satellit.com
URL:   http://sat-net.com/aw/_link.shtml

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