newsmailer hits 1000+ subscriber mark

Press Release

Satellite Newsmailer Hits 1000+ Subscriber Mark

Stefan Hagedorn is author of one of the most successfull satellite news
services. His daily news, which are FREE to subscribe to by anyone, have now
found more than 1000 regular subscribers.

Stefan provides both a daily news service, covering European satellite
scene, plus a chart service updating all of Europe's satellites with their
frequency and channel line-up.

Both of his news services can be subscribed to by anyone with a valid email
address. Just send an email to:


Leave subject line blank, and in the body put either:

subscribe sat-stefan

to receive his daily news service, or:

subscribe sat-stefan-tab

to receive his channel listings.

His two news services are part of a series of currently 25 satellite news
services covering different aspects of receiving satellites. All of those
services are FREE to subscribe to. An online subscription form is available
at TELE-satellit's home page at:


There, older versions of all news services can also be read online.

Stefan Hagedorn's news service is the third hitting the 1000 subscribers
mark. The other two services with more than 1000 subscribers are called
TS-news, which is a news stream of satellite news worldwide, and SAT-nd, a
more generally oriented satellite and media information service.

Fourth in ranking is SAT-guide, a weekly program guide listing English
language programming on German and Italian satellite channels, and fifth in
ranking is SAT-nordic, a specialized news service covering Scandinavian
satellite scene. Currently, all satellite news mailers, count together, sum
up to 11,765 individual subscribers.

       Alexander Wiese

Email: awiese@TELE-satellit.com
URL:   http://sat-net.com/aw/_link.shtml

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