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Middle East Home Page

The doors opened today to the "Sat-MidEast" Home Page. There, you find all
relevant information about what and how to receive satellite channels in the
Middle East. The page contains detailed information, including a unique
history of what is happening at each individual satellite.

The "Sat-MidEast" Home Page can be found at:


The page is compiled by Henk Room of Cairo, Egypt. He is also author of a
daily satellite news service covering the Middle East satellite scene. This
news service is FREE to subscribe to by sending a email to:


Leave subject line blank, in body text put:

subscribe SAT-MidEast

Sat-MidEast is sponsored by TELE-satellit, a bi-monthly, bilingual (English,
German) satellite magazine. For more information on TELE-satellit point your
browser to:


       Alexander Wiese

Email: awiese@TELE-satellit.com
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