TS News - Shalom Channel Plans 1998 Launch

TELE-satellit News, 2 July 1997

Shalom Channel Plans 1998 Launch
  PARIS, France, 97/07/02 (TS) -- A Paris based group has announced it
plans to launch a new satellite channel, the Shalom Channel, during the
first quarter of 1998. The channel will be the first general entertainment
Jewish Television channel in Europe, said the group. It will be available
on both analog and digital satellite systems and partially encoded.

  Current plans for broadcasts to begin at 11am each day and continue until
midnight. It will be unscrambled from 7pm to 8pm. Programs will consist of
broadcasts from Israeli Television and other broadcasts with English,
French and Hebrew broadcasts. Subjects covered will include news and
features, culture programs and entertainment.

  The channel says it is targeting its programs at the 350,000 Jewish
households in Europe and is budgeting for 50,000 subscribers by late 1998.
Shalom Channel's three main offices will be located in Paris, London and
Jerusalem. It will be operated by Network Television International (NTI) in
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