TS News - Green Light For Hungarian Commercial TV

TELE-satellit News, 3 July 1997

Green Light For Hungarian Commercial TV
  BUDAPEST, Hungary, 97/07/03 (TS) -- The National Radio and Television
Commission (ORTT) in Hungary has announced the winners of the recent
commercial television franchise. One of the two 'lucky' companies is the
MTM-SBS consortium and the other is the Hungarian RTL (a company by CLT).
Both new nation-wide terrestrial channels would be able to start
transmissions in October if everything goes well. The right to broadcast
are theirs now for 10 years.

  MTM-SBS promises a real entertaining channel, while the Hungarian RTL was
attractive for the ORTT beacuse of their news and current affairs
programmes. Both companies have to pay about 4 million dollars for using
the frequiencies.

  By: Tamas Nyitrai

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