TS News - Playboy Plans South Korean Launch

TELE-satellit News, 20 March 1997

Playboy Plans South Korean Launch
  SEOUL, South Korea, 97/03/20 (TS) -- With its eyes on a launch in South
Korea, Playboy Enterprises Inc. has formed a partnership with Daewoo Corp.
to launch a Playboy TV network in South Korea on June 15. The new service,
which will be available 24 hours a day, will initially be offered via
hotels and motels with plans to deliver it via cable and direct-to-home
satellite service shortly thereafter.

  Daewoo will control an 85 percent stake in the venture with Playboy
holding a 15 percent stake. The US company's stake is limited by local
media laws. The programming will consist of that drawn from Playboy's mroe
than 1,000 hours of film and television programs plus locally made programs.

  The service will become the fifth Playboy TV network to launch outside
the U.S. since October 1995 and follows previous partnerships with
Tohokushinsha in Japan; Flextech and BskyB in the United Kingdom and
Benelux; and Cisneros Television Group in Latin America and Iberia (Spain
and Portugal).

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