TS News - MTV Launches In Australia

TELE-satellit News, 20 March 1997

MTV Launches In Australia
  SYDNEY, Australia, 97/03/20 (TS) -- Viacom is launching the latest
localized version of MTV: Music Television in Australia today. The new
network will begin broadcasting at 9pm Sydney time on March 20. Through a
multi-year licensing agreement with ARC Music Television - a joint venture
between Austereo, Village Roadshow and Optus Vision - MTV Australia will be
seen seven days a week on Channel 4 on the Optus Vision cable platform. The
music network previously programmed blocks on the Channel Nine terrestrial
network between 1987 and 1993.

  The channel will be tailored to the musical tastes and lifestyles of
12-34 year-old Australians and include 123 hours per week of locally
produced programming. Such local programs will include: "MTV's Most
Wanted," a local youth culture show featuring indie and mainstream hits;
"The Diner," an informal chat at an inner city diner with guest performers,
celebrities and sports stars; "Didge," a one-hour program showcasing the
best of the current Australian music scene; "Sauce," a program spotlighting
Australia's alternative scene; "Australian Top 20," a weekly singles
countdown show; and "Week in Rock," a program plugging viewers into the
latest music and entertainment news in Australia and across the globe.

  "Young Australians clearly want their MTV," said Kim Vecera, CEO of MTV
Australia, "and we are looking forward to delivering it to them with a
dynamic on-air environment that will be as exciting and diverse as our
audience.  With original programming produced in Sydney as well as
localized music playlists, MTV is dedicated to offering the best in local
and international music and entertainment programming."

  MTV's international channels are MTV: Music Television, M2, MTV Asia, MTV
Brasil, MTV Europe, MTV India, MTV Japan, MTV Mandarin and MTV Latin America.

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