TS News - MTV Europe Signs South African Deal

TELE-satellit News, 20 October 1996

MTV Europe Signs South African Deal
  JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 96/10/18 (TS) -- MTV Europe, the high-powered
irreverent youth music channel, has signed a deal with Multichoice Africa to
extend distribution to South Africa via the DSTV satellite package. Form
November 1996 MTV, which reaches 54 million homes in 37 territories across
Europe, will  be distributed as part of the DSTV bouquet. The announcement
was made today by William H Roedy, President, International MTV Networks.

  Hans Hawinkels, chief executive officer of Multichoice, said, "MTV is the
most well-known music and youth oriented television service in the world and
we are delighted to be able to include MTV Europe in our DSTV offering."

  Roedy said, "MTV Europe is joining its sister channel VH-1 in bringing its
unique brand of musical entertainment to Southern Africa. This is a
significant step in MTV's plans for South Africa, which include the
development of a bespoke MTV service for South Africa, in association with
the respected South African artist, Johnny Clegg." He went on to explain
that any future dedicated terrestrial MTV service for South Africa will also
be carried as part of the DSTV bouquet, alongside the MTV Europe service.

  "MTV Europe's presence on Multichoice Africa's DSTV bouquet will allow us
to introduce South African viewers to the unique MTV programming concept.
MTV's on-going commitment to a 24-hour dedicated service for South Africa
remains, and MTV Europe's involvement in the DSTV package will allow us to
lay the groundwork for working more closely with South Africa's vibrant
music scene. Ultimately, our goal will be to reflect South African tastes
and music culture," Roedy said.

  By: Michael Cookson, TELE-satellit South Africa

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