TS News - PanAmSat To Open Johannesburg Office

TELE-satellit News, 17 October 1996

PanAmSat To Open Johannesburg Office
  GREENWICH, Connecticut, USA, 96/10/16 (TS) -- PanAmSat Corporation will
open a new office in South Africa to help service a growing number of
customers in the region, the company has announced. Its new Africa marketing
office in Johannesburg, South Africa, will be the first point of contact for
African broadcasters, telecommunications providers and corporations to
receive information on PanAmSat's worldwide capabilities, including one
upcoming and two current satellites serving the African continent.

  The office of PanAmSat Africa (Proprietary) Limited will be headed by
Elizabeth Ridley, PanAmSat's regional manager for Africa, and Margie Aapies,
PanAmSat's regional advisor for Africa.

  "In anticipation of further service expansion with our third satellite,
PanAmSat is now establishing a permanent marketing presence on the
continent," said Frederick A. Landman, PanAmSat's president and chief
executive officer. "Africa deserves the best in global satellite services,
and PanAmSat is ready in space and on the ground to serve Africa's growing
satellite broadcasting and telecommunications market."

  PanAmSat currently operates two satellites serving Africa: PAS-3 over the
Atlantic Ocean Region and PAS-4 over the Indian Ocean Region. Both PAS-3 and
PAS-4 provide pan-Africa satellite services for broadcast and
telecommunications applications.  In addition, PAS-4 is the satellite
platform for direct-to-home (DTH) television services in South Africa
offered by MultiChoice/Orbicom and SABC/Sentech. 

  In addition to the current coverage provided by PAS-3 and PAS-4, PanAmSat
will substantially expand its services to Africa with the launch of the
PAS-7 satellite in late 1997.  PAS-7 will contain 14 C-band and 30 Ku-band
transponders.  PAS-7 will be located in the same orbital location as PAS-4,
thereby facilitating service expansion.  

  The new Johannesburg office can be reached at telephone numbers 27 11 266
0483/0489, Fax number 27 11 266 0486 or e-mail ridleye@panamsat.com or

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