TS News - NFL Signs New Programming Deals

TELE-satellit News, 20 October 1996

NFL Signs New Programming Deals
  DALLAS, Texas, 96/10/10 (SJI Newswire) -- NFL games and highlights are
once again available to TV viewers in Spain. The NFL has renewed
broadcasting agreements with Canal+ and its satellite sports channel,
Sportmania, in Spain. In addition to NFL games, Canal+ broadcasts NFL
highlights each week during its lunchtime sports show, Mas Deporte, and will
culminate the season by airing Super Bowl XXXI on January 26 live from New

  In addition to the Spanish deal, Galaxy Latin America is now offering a
weekly package of NFL games to home DirecTv subscribers throughout Latin
America and the Caribbean. The 1996 NFL games included in the package,
called PASE NFL, will be available
at no charge to subscribers. PASE NFL is part of Direct Event.

  In Mexico, subscribers will be able to view up to eight games per week.
Everywhere else subscribers will be able to watch up to 13 games each week.
Next year up to 200 games will be available. "With the addition of PASE NFL,
our Latin American subscribers can enjoy the regular season of the most
popular sport in the U.S., and it is offered at no additional charge as a
bonus for subscribing to DirecTv," said Rick Moe, GLA's vice president of

  By: Gary Torrens
  Source: SJI Newswire

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