TS News - PanAmSat Creates Trans-Pacific Internet Connection

TELE-satellit News, 20 October 1996

PanAmSat Creates Trans-Pacific Internet Connection
  TOKYO, Japan, 96/10/19 (SJI Newswire) -- PanAmSat Corporation is now
providing PT. Primacom with satellite-based Internet connection between
PanAmSat's teleport in Sylmar, Calif., and PT. Primacom's facility in
Jakarta, Indonesia.  PT. Primacom contracted the PanAmSat service on behalf
of sister company CBN.Net, which is now able to provide retail Internet
access in Indonesia.  The internet transmissions, via PanAmSat's PAS-2
Pacific Ocean Region satellite, commenced earlier this month.

  PT. Primacom, a division of the Salim Group, serves both domestic and
international customers as Indonesia's largest operator of  VSAT networks.

  The PAS-2 service consists of 4 MHz on the satellite's C-band Pacific Rim
beam.  PT. Primacom is relaying Internet traffic via PAS-2 from an on-site
antenna at CBN.Net*s office in Jakarta to PanAmSat's Pacific Ocean Region
teleport in Sylmar, Calif.  A dedicated fibre link in Sylmar then forwards
the traffic directly to the Internet, providing users in Indonesia with full
access to the World Wide Web.

  By: Gary Torrens
  Source: SJI Newswire

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