TS News - Compatible Tuner Planned For Japan Digital Services

TELE-satellit News, 27 August 1996

Compatible Tuner Planned For Japan Digital Services
  TOKYO, Japan, 96/08/27 (TS) -- JSkyB, Rupert Murdoch's planned Japanese
digital TV venture, has contacted PerfecTV with hopes of the two companies
using a compatible digital TV system, according to a report on the Kyodo
news service.

  PerfecTV will commercially launch Japan's first digital TV package on
October 1st when it begins broadcasting a package of channels from the
JCSat-3 satellite. Full service is due from early next year when 70 TV
channels and 100 radio channels are due to be part of the package.

  Murdoch, which will also use the same satellite according to the report,
is anxious to use a compatible system so homes with JCSat-3 dishes and
receivers can easily subscribe to both services.

  New channels will join existing cable and satellite TV channels in the
PerfecTV service and many viewers of existing services can expect better
programming from October as the stations relaunch their schedules for the
digital package.

  Sports channel Sports-i will be extending hours and changing name to
"Sports-i ESPN" to reflect the greater role that ESPN will take in the
service. The Golf Channel is also advertising its new service and other new
channels include a Japanese version of CTN, a Taiwan based Chinese language

  Two other companies, including America's DirecTV, are planning to launch
digital packages in Japan.

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