TS News - RAI First In Ratings, Second In Advertising

TELE-satellit News, 27 August 1996

RAI First In Ratings, Second In Advertising
  ROME, Italy, 96/08/27 (TS) -- During the recently concluded TV season
1995-1996, state run TV RAI has beaten the private TV network Mediaset 48.9%
to 42.3% (last year, the figures were 48% for RAI and 42.9% for Mediaset).

  According to recently released figures, Of the three RAI channels, RAI UNO
as usual came up top with an increase of 1.9% in viewing figures. On the
other hand, Mediaset channels Canale 5 (moved up from 21.5% to 21.7%) and
Italia 1 (from last years 11.5% to this years 11.9%) also fared well.

  Despite its top place in the ratings, RAI came in second in the
advertising rankings according to a recent survey by Nielsen and Media Key
magazine. State run RAI is expected to earn 500 billion lira this year, and
private network Mediaset is set to fare even better (886,9 billion).

  More and more mass consumer goods are being advertised, such as drinks,
food and alcoholic beverages. The cost of a 30 minute advertising spot is
estimated at 70-90 million lira for RAI and 56-75 million on Mediaset.
Nearly 54.7% of all advertising expenditure is on TV, and in Europe only
Greece (65.3%) and Portugal (56.6%) have higher percentages.

  Radio advertising in 1995 was also up 10% from the previous year. Only 34%
of advertising expenditure is earmarked for the print media.

  By: Branislav Pekic

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