TS News - US Satellite Programmers Announce Discounts

TELE-satellit News, 27 August 1996

US Satellite Programmers Announce Discounts
  NEW YORK, New York, USA, 96/08/27 (TS) -- Faced with growing competition
in the multi-channel TV field, several operators of US satellite
subscription TV packages announced discounts and promotions on Monday.

  DirecTV, hard hit by much cheaper hardware from competitor Echostar, said
it will offer a $200 cash rebate to all customers that purchase a one year
subscription and receiving kit for $399. The offer begins on Thursday and
runs until the end of the year.

  The offer has been made in conjunction with Thomson Consumer Electronics.
The company has reduced the price of its reception hardware from $599 to
$399. With the DirecTV discount, reception equipment and a year long
subscription will cost $199.

  U.S. Satellite Broadcasting System (USSB) is extending a promotion in
which new subscribers receive $200 in coupons and discounts on pay-per-view
events. USSB's offer will also run until the end of the year.

  The Primestar service also announced a special offer on Monday. It
includes free programming and a $50 discount on installation to consumers
who sign up for Primestar service between August 26, 1996, and October 31.

  All customers who sign up for Primestar service through RadioShack during
this time period will receive three free months of PrimeValue, Primestar's
basic service which has a suggested retail value of $32.99 per month. They
will also receive a special installation price of $149. Primestar's monthly
service fee includes rental of the reception equipment.

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