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TELE-satellit News, 12 August 1996

Transponder News

Trouble For Dutch Digital Pact
- The Holland Media Group must broadcast probably RTL 4, RTL 5 and Veronica
6 for the next years in the analogue mode. According to RTL teletext, a
costumer-union will go to the court. The provider MultiChoice will stop on
August 15 the analogue service of RTL 4, RTL 5, Veronica 6 - the same like
SBS 6 in the near future. Sport 7, a brand-new sports-channel, and FilmNet,
for example, must broadcast in the future in the analogue PAL-mode too!
Thanks for the reports by Werner Kilian, P. van Loopen und Holger Zeissler.
We must wait now for details and the development, but on the "former"
channels on ASTRA 1 D will broadcast another owner soon. More than 350 000
satellite-viewers in the Netherlands can't receive the Holland Media-Group
programmes after August 16 and must buy a special MPEG 2-decoder for around
1700 f.

- art 5 is back on transponder 11.638 Ghz h. Currently you can seen the
music- and cultur-programm in PAL, sound 6.60 MHz. Another onscreenlogo
calling "Kingdom 5 KR". The background for the transmission: holidays for
the Prince of Saudi Arabia, the producer of art. He don't miss art 5 during
the holidays in Europe. Therefore Zomer TV Netherlands has left this channel
and comes now on Eutelsat II-F1.

Pay Per View Comes To Germany
- First German pay-per-view programm calling "Cindeom" will start on the
next Monday. You can order movie-highlights per phone or modem, price is 6
DM. Cindeom is a special service for all clients by Kirch's DF 1
digital-package on ASTRA - for the reception you need a  universal-LNB, the
d-Box and, of course, a DF 1 abonnement.  DF 1 is offer currently for
Germany (in the next time Austria and Switzerland will be adding) only!

EUTELSAT II-F1/Hot Bird 1, 13.0E
- Zomer TV Netherlands had moved on the former Kabel 1-transponder 11.055
Ghz h. You can seen the programm between 19.55 to 0.03 CET. Porn-channel
Eurotica delay the start about few minutes. Zomer TV will cease on August31,
Eurotica will leave this transponder in the near future too.
- A "green card" comes currently on the feed-channel calling "Steps" in the
TPS digital-package (12.586 Ghz v). Meanwhile MTV 3 Italy and VH 1 Germany
(in the Viacom MPEG-package, channel 11.236 Ghz v) comes encrypt, the sound
is open only.
- According to Holger Zeissler, EUTELSAT is going no plans for a come-back
by "Hot Bird TV/Eutelsat TV" - like last year. Eutelsat calling for the
reason: no time for special projects in the next time. In 1996 EUTELSAT
Germany produced a special "Hot Bird Television" on the NBC
- German's VOX will be starting soon on EUTELSAT II-F1, 13 degrees E,
transponder 11.596 Ghz h. On 11.610 Ghz h comes RTL Cologne in MPEG 2
(former analogue on this frequency). You can't receive the programm with the
- For two channels by the Viacom digital-package on transponder 2, 11.236
Ghz v (VH 1 Germany and MTV 3) comes since around 20.00 CET the audio for
all viewers only. The video is encrypt - that's going to a surprise: in the
"digital world of MPEG 2" it's possible to encrypt the video - but the audio
is still "open" (like the "analogue world). A lot of persons was believing
former, a MPEG 2 signal is either "clear" in video and sound or "close" for
all. Another interesting impression: I see for a close video-signal a
black-screen on the monitor, the d-box saing "access denied".  A clear
signal for VH 1 comes now exclusiv in the DF 1 package (ASTRA). Other
Viacom-programmes, currently free for all: MTV 1, MTV 2, Sci-Fi and
Bloomberg Financial TV. On Thursday I noted a lot of problems of Viacom.

- RTL 9 have been noted on the late Thursday and during few hours Friday in
Secam "clear". 

- Canal + Espana will cease service on 12.711 Ghz h soon. Since few days the
pay-tv comes parallel on 12.632 Ghz h - including teletext. In Germany the
signal on the "new" channel is very much better.

  Source: Stefan Hagedorn's Transponder News newsletter

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