TS News - Ariane F90 Launch Coverage

TELE-satellit News, 8 August 1996

Ariane F90 Launch Coverage
  BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA, 96/08/08 (TS) -- Arianespace is due to launch
two satellites aboard an Ariane 44L rocket Thursday, August 8th. Telecom 2D
is owned by France Telecom and will be located (according to the most
current information) at 3 degrees East; Italsat F2 is owned by Telecom
Italia and will be located at 10.2 degrees East.

  Coverage of this Arianespace launch will be on Galaxy 4/09 (3.880 GHz) for
North American viewing.  An originating feed from Kourou, French Guiana will
be on Telecom 2B at 5 degrees East.  The Galaxy 4/09 feed should start about
one-half hour before the launch window opening (6:52pm to 7:28pm EDT/2252 to
2328 UTC). Look for the video feed on Telecom 2B several hours in advance of
the window opening.

  By: Curt Swinehart, http://www.tufts.edu/~cswineha/ 

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