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TELE-satellit News, 8 August 1996

Nordic Media News
  STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 96/08/07 (RADIO SWEDEN) -- This is a roundup of the
latest media news from the Nordic countries. The news is supplied by George
Wood and his program, "MediaScan/Sweden Calling DXers 2253."

  Denmark Agrees Media Policy

  The Danish government has reached agreement with all parties in parliament
(except for one small party) on a Media Policy Agreement. This requires
local commercial radio and TV stations which want to take part in regional
or national networks to make time available to non- commercial radio and
television stations. In Copenhagen, which has two terrestrial local
channels, 6 hours a day (including 17:00-19:00 local time) have been set
aside. In the rest of the country stations are required to set aside 3 hours
a day for relays of non-commercial stations.

  To support non-commercial broadcasting, a fund of around 8 million dollars
year is being created from the commercial stations' licence fees and the
broadcast viewer licence fees. (Swedish Open Channel "Bykatten")

  News Of New Finnish MPEG Service

  The new FTV MPEG service from Finland to Europe that we reported on in
edition 2251 is expected to start on Hot Bird this fall. This will also
carry two audio services from Radio Finland, one a simulcast of the existing
audio now on Eutelsat II-F1, the other will carry the Radio Finland
programming currently heard on shortwave 11.755 MHz. Contrary to some
reports, the service on medium wave 963 kHz will not be carried on the
satellite. (Juhani Niinisto, Radio Finland)

  Swedish Cable For Sale

  Singapore Telecom, whose purchase of Stockholm's largest cable network,
Stjaern-TV, was controversial, now has plans to sell the system. ("Bykatten")

  By: George Wood
  Source: Radio Sweden, http://www.sr.se/rs/english/media/ 

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